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High Visibility Workwear and Corporate Workwear Guidelines for Employers

At A4, we are often asked questions that we do not feel qualified to answer regarding the laws governing workwear so we have decided to collate some research from the web for the benefit of our clients. The information below is a guideline only, this is our interpretation of the information provided by the relevant bodies including the Health and Safety Executive.  We are stating that this is our interpretation only, if you require completely factual advice, please contact the relevant government departments as this is a guide only.

The regulations as required by law for high visibility workwear and corporate workwear are set down in the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 and these regulations have subsequently been amended so we are only stating what our research has collated from the web. This information may be out of date or superseded. If you are reading this then you should have a good idea of what Personal Protective Equipment actually is, clothing, equipment or apparel that is designed to protect and individual against potential health and safety risks at the work place, travelling to or from work or in an environment relating to their work. PPE can include high visibility workwear, safety goggles, ear protectors etc. As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide the appropriate tested PPE equipment where necessary, it is not your employee’s responsibility.

The PPE at Work Regulations clearly place the onus on providing suitable and appropriate equipment on the employer. In certain circumstances, you should be guided by your employee’s advice on the appropriate equipment in terms of the suitability for the job in hand. You must ensure that the equipment is actually worn so there is no point in buying a poorly made and ill fitting jacket of the wrong size for an employee because they are likely to take it off, thereby defeating the object of the regulations.  Consulting your employees is important but as the employer, the responsibility lies with you to ensure that the appropriate equipment is provided AND worn wherever there is a health and safety issue.

Further information on the different methods of assessment for PPE are provided by the Health and Safety Executives online document which provides guidance for the types of hazards that you should assess before buying the equipment. Further, and importantly, you must ensure that any PPE equipment including clothing has been tested, is CE marked and complies with the relevant safety requirements.  In light of this, all of the PPE, high vis workwear and high vis vests that we supply clearly have the relevant certifications against each garment for your information to help you to purchase the correct equipment or safety clothing.