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Company workwear is utilised by many businesses. Safety wear including high vis or flame retardant clothing is essential for certain occupations such as railway workers or fire fighters, while specific branded clothing can help build awareness and ensure employees feel valued members of the team.

Encouraging your staff to wear custom sweatshirts or other items of branded clothing will ensure they look smart and professional and create a good impression when customers or clients are visiting. Customised workwear displaying a company logo can be utilised as part of your marketing strategy as a tool to raise your company profile.

Custom sweatshirts and t-shirts are often used by restaurants and bars to make it easier for customers to identify waiting staff. Workwear sweatshirts are also useful for outdoor workers who may require warm clothing to protect them from the elements. They can also be used by sports and university teams or by those attending hen and stag parties.

Workwear sweatshirts are available to purchase at online retailers or on the high street. Many suppliers also offer an embroidery or printing service enabling you to have your company logo displayed on the clothing. You simply email the desired artwork which will then be stitched or printed onto the item of clothing.

Personalised sweatshirts make perfect team wear for your employees and can be customised or branded to suit your business requirements. They are available in a wide range of styles and colours and can be used for one off events or for a long-term workwear solution. There are options to suit all budgets and leading brands such as fruit of the loom sweaters are also available.

Work clothing plays an essential role in the safety, warmth and protection of your employees. It also ensures they are easy to identify by new and existing customers, helping to portray a professional image for your organisation. Your staff will also benefit by not having to provide their own work clothes.

A branded uniform is a simple and effective way of ensuring customers obtain a positive first impression. Your company logo displayed on an item of clothing instantly reinforces your brand and demonstrates that your employees are proud to represent your business.

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