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Railway High Vis Clothing

All railway personnel working on or around the UK railway network should wear specialist high vis railway clothing day and night, in all weather conditions that complies with the Railway Group Standard GO/RT 3279, which is based on European Standard EN471. Deaths and injuries on the UK rail network have reduced significantly since the early '70's when the wearing of high visibility railway clothing became accepted as an essential safety feature for trackside workers. We stock a vast range of railway high viz jackets, trousers, t-shirts, vests, coveralls and sweatshirts.

If you're working on the railways, you will know that hi vis railway clothing is not only a European safety directive recommendation, it is also a life-saver. It is hard to imagine now a time when deaths and injuries were so common, but it was only as recently ago as the 1970s that railway hi vis became the normal apparel and nowadays, it would be madness not to wear it. Railway clothing suppliers now carry hi vis kit in every conceivable garment, and no matter what the weather, or time of day, there will be a suitable outfit to highlight your presense and protect your well-being through visibility.

From t-shirts to sweatshirts, right through to storm-proof all-weather heavyweight jackets, you can make yourself hi vis is all sorts of ways, even just by carrying a backpack or sticking on a vest. Fleeces are other items that have become very popular in the hi vis ranges, as they are not bulky or difficult to work in, yet afford a great degree of snug warmth. Nobody these days would want to take the risk, even for a short while, of working trackside or anywhere near a railway system without the illumination offered by a piece of hi vis clothing.

Railway clothing suppliers have done a great job in adapting to the many different needs and expectations of various railway personnel in their apparel. Night workers are particularly susceptible to cold conditions, and these can drop to sub-zero during the worst of the winter. Core body temperature must be preserved in these conditions. Likewise, a short vest is a blessing on a hot summer day as it provides all the necessary safety without being awkward to wear. Hi vis is a wonderful invention that has probably done more than any other clothing invention to save countless lives.

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