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High Vis Clothing

We offer a range of garments for all types of working environment including hi-vis vests, jackets, t-shirts and trousers and coveralls as well as high visibility accessories such as hats and bags. We also supply hi-vis and reflective children's clothing to keep kids safe on the road and in low-light conditions. Our high visibility clothing complies with the European standard EN471, which states that those operating in hazardous situations must be visible in all light conditions, day or night. View our En Standards guide to be sure that you are complying with the relevant high visibility legislation.

High visibility jackets and other apparel have become standard work wear for emergency services, construction, forestry, traffic management workers as well as cyclists and horse riders. Indeed, legislation in many European countries stipulates that cyclist must wear hi vis clothing during periods of poor visibility and that motorists must keep a high visibility jacket in the boot of a car.

High visibility clothing uses retro reflective bands on fluorescent yellow, green or orange jackets, trousers and other outer wear. These are strips of material able to reflect light with the minimum amount of scattering and remain luminous during poor visibility conditions.

There are two European standards for high vis clothing:
BS EN 1150 that dates from 1999 and sets a standard for clothing for private use. The retro reflective bands should be of at least 25 mm width. BS EN 471 is more stringent and sets a minimum standard for protective work wear. The retro reflective bands should be at least 50 mm width and the wearer must be visible in all weather and lighting conditions, including night time. There are three subdivisions – classes 1, 2 and 3 from lowest to highest – based on the reflectivity of the background material, and two Levels 1 and 2 from lowest to highest – of reflectivity for the bands.

Some examples of hi vis clothing are:
The Uneek High Visibility Trouser conforms to the lowest EN 471 regulation with two Class 1 Level 2 strips around each leg. The Leo Workwear Hi Visibility Waistcoat that complies with the BS EN 471 Class 2 and conforms to the 89/686/EEC Directive, features two hi vis strips attached to the body of the waistcoat and one over each of the shoulders making it an intermediate level of high visibility apparel. The Uneek Road Safety Jacket complies with the highest EN 471 Class 3 regulation as well as the EN 434 that stipulates clothing conditions for bad weather.

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