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Hi Vis Vests

A4 Apparel supply high visibility vests that we can print or embroider with your company logo and design or supply unbranded. Our range of high visibility vests are available in a wide variety of colours and styles, including short-sleeved and waistcoat versions as well as executive vests with handy storage pockets. Our hi vis waistcoats comply with EN standard (EN471) so you can be confident that you will be seen and be safe, day or night. Contact us today by phone or email for a low-cost quotation or submit your order through the site and we'll send you a quote.

Millions of workers in many different industries have reason to be grateful for the invention of hi vis vests. The reflective properties of these now essential workwear items have helped protect and in many cases, save the lives, of those who work in dark and dangerous situations, in hazardous occupations, and in busy and hectic environments. Being seen is crucial for accident prevention and the wearing of hi vis clothing is now vital.

Luckily the manufacturers have been quick to adapt to the many requirements and different circumstances in which hi vis is part of the uniform. From stripes on a jacket which a child may wear walking to school on a winter morning, to heavy duty railway jackets, there is a piece of clothing available for every eventuality.

It is also possible to individualise very easily, either with the brand name of a company or firm, or with the wearer’s own name. The new personalised hi viz vests are increasingly popular and a good way to prevent coats and overalls in a cloakroom getting muddled up. Printed hi vis waistcoats are one of the garments with the highest sales turnover, and it is easy to see why as they are both fit for purpose, sensible and yet retain an element of individuality. Executive vests, so-called, are another good advance, with so many people carrying smartphones and other paraphernalia, their capacious pockets offer extra room for carrying gadgets, tools and other necessities without the need for an additional bag.

Having hi vis clothing in fleece material has been a godsend for those who work in freezing temperatures fulfilling the dual function of maintaining core body heat whilst providing protection.

Anyone who has hesitated over whether they should adopt hi vis, particularly in outer wear, for their own safety, should consider how the many benefits outweigh any other considerations. If there is the slightest chance that you may put yourself in jeopardy by wearing clothing that might make you invisible, then the answer is a resounding yes. This applies across all walks of life and to many activities. A horse rider on a country lane is as much at risk as a construction worker on a night shift. Even dogs out for a walk on a lead are not safe if they do not have a reflective collar and may be unseen by a passing motorist. Cyclists are especially recommended to adopt hi vis as they are so prone to being knocked over as it is.

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