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Hand Protection

Reliable hand protection is vital in many occupations and at, we stock a large range of safety gloves that is guaranteed to meet your needs.

It is worth taking some time to choose the best gloves for your own particular job. Carefully consider your exact needs and check the specifications carefully to make sure that you go for the ideal hand protection. If you are not sure which glove you need, then please feel free to contact us for advice. It is also worth investigating the relevant European standard (see below).

Safety gloves vary widely in their capabilities; some offer basic protection and are ideal for domestic use or light work, whereas others offer protection from heavy impacts, chemicals and extremes of temperature.

If you are handling hazardous waste or other unpleasant substances, then you will probably need disposable gloves and we stock a range of options.

If you are required to lift heavy objects, particularly those with potentially sharp surfaces, then you will need some padded gloves, possibly with added grip for even more safety.

If you are working with very hot or cold equipment, it is vital to buy a glove that is up to the job. Again, we can help here. Similarly, if you are dealing with potentially harmful or corrosive chemicals you need to make sure that the gloves you invest in will offer the right level of protection. The relevant European standard can be a good guide here.

Our work gloves all conform to one or more of the relevant European standards (EN374, EN455, EN407, EN388 and EN420).

EN374 is the standard concerned with chemical protection and ensures a level of protection against up to 60,000 chemicals, as well as micro-organisms. EN455 applies to single-use gloves and guarantees a high level of performance.

EN407 refers to thermal hazards and the exact level of protection afforded is rated on a scale of 1 through to 6. EN388 offers protection from mechanical hazards such as abrasion and EN420 is a genral standard covering all safety gloves and ensuring that they are not harmful to the wearer.

Safety gloves come in a huge range of shapes and sizes designed for everyone from the DIY-er to those working with heat, cold and chemicals on a daily basis. Choosing the correct glove for the job can take time, but it’s always worth checking specifications so that you are properly protected for whatever activity you’re undertaking. From gloves offering impact resistance to those which protect hands from heat, cold and chemicals we have a hand protection product suitable for most industries. For added reassurance our safety gloves conform to the relevant European standard for their purpose (EN420, EN388, EN407, EN455, EN374).

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