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Make Your Workwear High Visibility

Making your work wear Hi vis

Calling Hi vis work wear an icon would not be an exaggeration of sorts when we talk about work wear in a complex setting i.e. an industrial environment, mines etc. High visibility clothing has certain characteristics that upon wearing it, you become more visible and noticeable in your work environment. Regular work wear will not make that happen for you.

Using High Vis clothing for work place safety

How high visibility work wear works

Reflective shapes are added to fluorescent material to make high visibility clothing. The fluorescent colours combine with the sun’s ultraviolet rays to make the shapes glow increasing their visibility during day time. The shapes on the high visibility clothing glow during night time as a result of light reflecting on from sources like a car’s head lights onto the reflective areas.Because they have the ability to absorb and emit light fluorescent colours appear really bright. In industrial settings high visibility clothing with orange and yellow colours is worn more often as it is recommended under the health and safety laws.

Importance of High visibility work wear

In order to ensure safety from certain hazards in a complex and dangerous work environment, employees need to wear high visibility clothing. Warehouses, factories and construction sites are a few examples of such work place environments. If you work in such an environment it is imperative that you wear High vis clothing to ensure your safety. It will protect you from biological and chemical hazards and also help you to avoid getting cuts or being electrocuted. The material used in high visibility clothing will also help you to prevent heat from affecting your body when the work place environment becomes too hot to handle. The risks of accidents is reduced and level of safety increases with the help of Hi vis work wear as it aids in making the people working in that work place environment more visible to others. Chances of being struck by a fork lift vehicle while working on a construction site due to poor visibility may be minimised if not eliminated with the help of High vis clothing.


High visibility clothing serves as an icon when it comes to the safety of workers working in complex work environments and they may even be personalised to give out a good impression of the company and to build its brand.

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