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The Highvis Workwear Blog

Use High Visibility Workwear for Safety


On some occasions being seen is more important than it would be on other occasions and top of that list would be when working in a complex environment. Wanting to be seen in a complex work environment is neither to feel a sense of belonging nor making your presence felt. Rather, it is for one purpose only and that is to ensure one’s safety. In such a situation Hi vis work wear commonly known as high visibility work wear, comes to the fore.

Buying Custom Workwear Online


In fact, some companies will even print your uniforms with nametags and company logos if that is an essential part of your uniform manufacturing requirements.

These branded uniforms are designed using screen-printing or embroidery, and as they are custom created for each industry and enterprise, they are known as customised work clothing. This type of clothing, when purchased online in bulk, is not only cost effective, but is also a very convenient means of procuring a product for which the company may have to conduct a thorough local search.

Ware House Workwear - Ensuring Employee Safety


People working with hazardous machines and chemicals may be in need of these measures the most. In a warehouse setting, it is the responsibility of the warehouse manager to ensure the safety of the workers. Appropriate warehouse work wear may be one way of ensuring their safety. Certain safety and health measures can be taken not only to ensure the safety of the warehouse workers but also to increase productivity. These measures include the use of appropriate warehouse workwear. Let us see how these measures can contribute towards the safety and productivity of workers.

Avoiding Workplace Accidents - Best Practices


Nearly 2 million workers are severely injured on the job every year up to the extent that they are unable to return to work.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide safe working conditions for the wellbeing of your employees.

Creating a Quality Brand Identity through Custom Clothing


The ultimate target is to have your target market think of you and your company when they are ready to buy a product that you deal in.

The following are the top ways you can make sure that your potential customers think of you and your brand first when they are browsing through their choices.